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Executive Leadership Certificate

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Executive Leadership Certificate

An Executive Leadership Certificate from Cornell is ideal for working professionals with limited time to pursue an advanced degree, but a strong desire to move ahead. This program provides practical, MBA-level content that has a focus on strategy development and crucial leadership skills needed for execution.

The courses in this program will equip you to:

  • Make calculated business decisions through formal processes and learn to make smart choices with limited time and resources
  • Develop the skills you need to establish and maintain a coaching dialogue with your employees
  • Carry out change initiatives that keep your organization competitive in a dynamic environment
  • Ensure that you negotiate strategically and tactically in order to advance initiatives

Who should enroll in this certificate?

Students who have enrolled in this program are: account directors, business development managers, CEOs, CFOs, consultants, directors, sales & marketing managers/directors, executive directors, general managers, finance managers, presidents, senior project managers, senior product managers, and vice presidents.